Double-bed/twin beds

14-17 MQ/Max 2 people

Crib no

Rooms Details

The Standard Rooms are comfy and handy for a couple stay or a business trip. Modern furnishing, inspired by the Salento. While booking choose between the double bed (standard size) or two twin beds, specifying your preference in the “Notes” field.


You can find this room type in the following concepts

Concept: Salento cuisine
Author: Daria Baglieri

Concept: Skylyne, Light, Colours Concept
Author: Salvatore Coroneo, Maria Grazia Tramacere e Antonio Luceri

Concept: Rural stone built accomodation
Author: Francesca Fiore e Lorenzo Spagnolo

Concept: Sea and land
Author: Claudia Minari

Concept: Sand, Land and sea
Author: Marta Picco

Concept: Salento dance of Pizzica and timbrel
Author: Carlo Toscano e Albisa Lezzi

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