The legend says that Aeneas, fleeing from Troy to Italy, made a stop in the area of Porto Badisco, south of Otranto. Here is the Grotta dei Cervi (Cave of the Deer), in which many scenes of deer hunting are painted on the walls, evidence of the passage of men in the Upper Paleolithic. From the Grotta dei Cervi, from its symbols, from the parietal pictorial art, from the darkness of the tunnels to the sea, the travel to the Salento starts.


Maurizio De Vito

Graduated in architecture, he carries out teaching and research at the design department of the Poli.Design in Milan. In its projects some constants are noted: the evocative component, the use of new technologies, the pureness of shapes. Its traditional-innovative architecture in which the past lives in the present to give life to future visions.