After the onslaught of the Turks in 1480 in Otranto, there was an extraordinary commitment by the Spaniards: Charles V launched a plan of coastal fortifications to impede the Muslim threat. Erecting so many towers along the coast wasn’t an easy venture from an economic point of view, that’s why he decided a compromise with the private citizens: the title of “Tower Captain” should be granted to those who would build a tower.
Landing in the Salento from the sea: crossing the threshold of your room, the walk-in wardrobe recalls the shape and function of the tower and the bleached fir wood testifies to peasant humility.


Alessandro Giuri e Mario D'Aquino

Alessandro realizes virtual models and prototypes for companies and is consultant for interior design, furnishing and graphics. Mario is a bio-construction technician, consultant for bio-architecture and designer in the private building field.